Monte Alban – Are The Danzantes Evidence of an Epidemic?

SJMM3 – Monument 3 from San Jose Mogote

This is a drawing of Monument 3, from San Jose Mogote. There are clear similarities between this image and the Danzantes at Monte Alban which undeniably make them related. San Jose Mogote is less than 20km from San Jose Mogote and is thought to be the birthplace of the Zapotec civilisation who went on to hold Monte Alban as their capital for over 1000 years. However, little is known about how the relationship between this and the Danzantes, nor what any of the images actually mean. Monument 3 is thought to date from 750BCE to 500BCE which makes the glyphs between the legs the oldest known writing in Mesoamerica. They are thought to read Earthquake One or Motion One © Wikipedia Commons.