Copán: Templo 11 – The Portal to the Underworld

Templo 16

This is the Temple Structure 16 that was rebuilt several times, with the first ever Temple buried deep within – along with the first ruler of Copan, K’inich Yax K’uk’ Mo’. This version was built by the last ruler of Copan, Yax Pasaj Chan Yoaat, in around 776AD. There is now a tunnel built underneath Temple 16 which allows you to peer at the previous incarnation, which is known as the Rosalila Temple.

You can just about see the infamous Altar Q to the right of the tree nearest to us. The square monument rests at the foot of the Temple and lists the 16 rulers of Copan.

© Robin Heyworth – Photo taken 9th February 2002

Templo 16 at Copan