1000 × 633 Copán


This photo is taken from the north-west corner of the East Court, close to structure 22A and demonstrates just how high they managed to raise the Main Acropolis with its West and East Courts. Below, you can clearly see the Ballcourt and, just beyond it, Structure 4 sitting in the heart of the Great Plaza. Stela C is just about visible under its covering, just behind and to the right of Structure 4. Stela 2 is just above the stairs that lead out of the Ballcourt, then Stela H, Altar G and Stela F are all in the distance beyond it. The hieroglyphic Stairway sits under the green tarpaulin in the bottom right of the photo.

© Robin Heyworth – Photo taken 9th February 2002

Ballcourt in Great Plaza at Copan