Mexico is home to some of the most incredible ancient monuments on Earth, most of which are steeped in mystery with many still being excavated, researched and even discovered. The remarkable terrain produces a striking dichotomy, with the eternal spring crispness of the desolate mountainous plateaus to the north seeming a world away from the heavy humidity of the rainforest and the glorious Caribbean coastline of the east. The sprawling megalopolis of Mexico City is one of the largest cities in the world and has trappings you would expect, including poverty and crime, but it is also a welcoming city with plenty of traditional character. Across the rest of Mexico, the villages are rustic and charmingly native, the towns are welcoming and honest, and the lesser cities are centred around beautifully ornate 16th-17th Christian architecture with a lifestyle to match. Travelling around Mexico is easy, with buses and coaches running everywhere, the food and drink is amongst the best in the world, street musicians travel through the bars and restaurants and generate a light-hearted and vibrant mood, the amenities and lifestyle are distinctly European and yet the lack of spoken English adds an air of adventure to every expedition.

Without doubt, the real adventure is visiting Mexico’s mysterious and enchanting monuments. It is easy to be attracted by the unknown and every site you visit has at least one mysterious relief or monument that requires you to draw your own conclusions. Most temples and palaces are adorned with symbolic art and glyphic writing, but the pictographic forms of writing are hard to decipher and the stylized art is easy to misinterpret, which is why so much is still open to fresh interpretation. You can visit almost every site and see something that doesn’t fit with orthodox historical opinion or our Westernised understanding of the world. Due to its violent history, Christian conversion and colonialism, Mexican history is now a collection of jigsaw pieces, a few of which fit together, but most of which belong to different puzzles. And yet, although its tragic destruction is immensely saddening, it is also what makes it a country of enduring mystery and is very much part of its charm.

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