800 × 600 Copán

Altar G1

This weird sculpture is known as Altar G1 (you can see Altar G2 just behind it). It features the double headed serpent monster with heads emanating from either end. On one side it lists the last ruler of Copan, Yax Pasaj Chaan Yoaat, and on the other side his half brother, Yahau Chan Ah Bac. It is very unusual for a non-ruler to be pictured on a public monument and suggests that Yax Pasaj Chaan Yoaat was keen to associate himself with the royal lineage – perhaps because he was not part of the bloodline.

This was one of the last monuments erected at Copan and was dedicated on 10 Ahau 8 Sak (19 August, 800AD).

© Robin Heyworth – Photo taken 9th February 2002

Altar G1 at Copan