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Welcome to Uncovered History. We hope you find it interesting, informative and inspiring. At present this site is work in progress – and will probably always be so as History is constantly being Uncovered – so please return frequently to see what new has been added. We are currently posting information about the sites we have travelled to and the countries we visited in the process. We know from our experiences that even the best museums have very little information on display about their artefacts and that archaeological sites generally don’t even have a sign to tell you what building you are looking at! Therefore, this site is intended to help fill in the history and let you explore these amazing ancient sites armed with knowledge and understanding, whether online or in person. We hope this site inspires you to visit these amazing places and witness these incredible objects, cities and ancient civilisations with your own eyes.

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Looking down on Machu Picchu
Looking down on Machu Picchu in 2002
My name is Robin Heyworth and together with my wife, Fritha, we have visited dozens of countries and countless historical sites and museums. Amongst our favourite destinations are: Egypt, Italy, Venice, Greece, Turkey, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Columbia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand and Loas – we have been to quite a few more though. Our absolute favourites were Mexico and Peru, which offer a unique blend of adventure and intrigue. Very little is known about the civilisations that lived there and yet they built some of the most inspiring cities in some of the most breathtaking locations found on earth. If you would like to add some of the ancient sites you have been to then please do get in touch via the email address below – we could use a little help as there are a lot of incredible historical sites out there we haven’t been to…yet!

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    I have come upon your site, very informative, as I am a fan of Mayan history. I like your site and I wonder if you could give me your approval to post the image of Chicanná monster (in colour) on my blog. I presume it is Robin Heyworth’s coloured image.

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